November 18, 2022


"Each woman is attending for more than exercise: there is a community. It is a place where they can find friends, support, someone caring for them and praying for them. We all passed through the pandemic, by walking together twice a week. Hungary régi csoportkép6Zita (78 years old) one of our first students, has been attending classes for 14 years, now visits just for fellowship and encouragement due to health issues. Gabi is attending the exercise despite her dialysis three times a week. And Rita regained her faith in God and started attending a local church. When she went through colon cancer, her faith was tested greatly. She learned to trust in God’s will, and is now cancer free. Saci shared with us several years ago how difficult it was to see her daughter struggling with infertility. Prayers and support helped her so much, and now she is enjoying her only granddaughter! Rozsa lost her husband during covid, but this group was her support and a place where she could cry and feel like someone cares. And the mayor's office continues to provide a free room for us to meet and exercise, because they BELIEVE WE ARE CREATING COMMUNITY!" 

ZsuZsa, Instructor, HungaryHungary régi csoportkép6