October 7, 2022
Instructor training

RECHARGE™ 2022 Training "Aligns" with The Egoscue Method

As a fitness instructor for over 20 years, my goal has always been offering the safest, most effective workouts for my clients. That’s why when seeking a fitness organization to belong to I chose Body & Soul® Fitness. Body & Soul® Fitness has always been a leader in education, latest fitness trends, injury prevention and more. The organization’s faith-based emphasis on community, fellowship and genuine concern for their student’s physical and spiritual growth is unique in the fitness world and offers a holistic approach not found in most other fitness organizations. 

Body & Soul® training dissects current trends and educates instructors on which of these trends meet their high standardsRachel and AmyH and will be incorporated into the Body & Soul® programs. Beyond learning choreography, Body & Soul® training takes a deep dive into body mechanics, anatomy and physiology, such as the course offered by physical therapists Amy Hoffman and Rachel Soper at the annual RECHARGE™ 2022 Instructor Convention on post pandemic hip health where they explored the effects of prolonged sitting on the hip joint with benefits coming from postural alignment. 

daynastudios 1475 8x10Brian Bradley, VP of The Egoscue Method, continued training on postural alignment as the main presenter. A frequent speaker at industry events with clients including the Tony Robbins CompaniesBulletproof RadioYPO, the Seattle Study Club, and the NFL, Brian believes that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. He shared real life examples of the impact of postural alignment therapy and demonstrated how it can be experienced quickly. 

The Egoscue Method postural training focused on hip-driven movement, fixing tight muscles, comptempImageY548zwromised or arthritic joints, and fat or phat? Yes, we learned how unlocking the lymphatic system through postural alignment can aid with weight loss. And when one is aligned correctly, performance and outcomes are improved. Makes sense right? After all, God designed our bodies to live in a homeostatic state (perfect alignment in every aspect). Aren’t we all looking to live pain free and stay strong for as long as possible? As a fitness instructor, this knowledge excites me. Improving performance and outcomes for my students is my desire and key to their success. Body & Soul® agrees as this method will have an influence in future programming. Students will be blessed as the high quality of instructing continues. Fitness professionals, consider becoming an instructor with Body & Soul® today. Apply here

CelesteMary Ward, Instructor, Virginia


Photo credit: daynastudios.com