Earrings are an accessory that can add a stylistic element to an outfit and highlight the face. The right earrings can brighten eyes, soften the face and add sparkle to style. They make wonderful gifts because there is no sizing; however, there are a few factors to consider to make sure you get the best fit possible, like face shape and earring backing fit.

The Right Earring Styles for Face Shapes

Because earrings sit so close to the face, a perfect pair of earrings should flatter and balance the face shape. As a basic style guideline, try to avoid matching the earring shape to your face shape.

Oval Face
Every type of earring will flatter oval-shaped faces.

Round Face
Look for long, drop earrings, linear earrings and straight drops.
Avoid hoops, button earrings and larger stud earrings.

Square Face
Look for long drop earrings, linear earrings and straight drops
Avoid wide geometric shapes like triangles.

Long/Rectangle Face
Look for button earrings, stud earrings and hoops.
Avoid long linear style drops and chandelier earrings

Wide Jaw
Look for linear earrings.
Avoid bottom heavy chandelier earrings and triangle shaped earrings.

Earring Backs

It’s a special misery to suddenly realize you’ve mysteriously lost an earring. There are a few earring clasps to look for that will keep your earrings secure for years. Quality matters when it comes to earring backs: fine jewelry will generally have more secure clasps than pieces that are plated. Most jewelers offer several clasp options and be able to advise you on the best back for your lifestyle.

Friction or Push back
Security: Medium
Friction or push earring backs (sometimes called “butterflies”) are the most common. They simply slip onto the earring post (the metal wire behind the earring). Over time, these backs can loosen, get lost, or allow the earring to slip off the ear. They come in different sizes, but the larger the diameter, the more secure the clasp. Larger push backs firmly hold earrings against the lobe, even if a piercing is stretched, and help keep heavy earrings upright.

Screw back
Security: High
Screw back earrings look like push backs, but the earring post has ridges, and the wearer screws the back onto the post to provide a tight, very secure fit. Screw backs are more time-consuming to put on and take off, but for some it’s worth it to protect high value diamond studs and gemstone and metal earrings.

La Pousette
Security: High
This earring back is offered with high-end fine jewelry, such as diamond stud earrings, because of the high security it provides. The back has two small spring-loaded clips on either side that the wearer must squeeze and release to move the earring post on and off. Sometimes jewelers have to special order these backs.

Lever, Latch & French Backs
Security: Medium-High
These backs are usually seen with hoops or large drop earrings. The backs are connected to the earrings so you can’t lose them. A lever is a curved thin post, like a fish hook, that latches on behind the ear. A latch back is hinged with openings or a slit in the metal that the post pushes through to secure. A French back (also called Omega) is shaped like a metal curve or loop that the post enters and is held in place.

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