Whether you are seeking your first job or looking to make a career change, we encourage you to use this guide to help match your interests and passions with the many opportunities within this amazing industry.

A lot has happened in the 10 years since Jewelers of America last updated this Guide to Careers in the Jewelry Industry; yet the fundamentals of what make jewelry an exciting and fulfilling industry to work in remain the same. Trends like shifts in consumer behavior and the digitalization of the industry got fast-tracked by major events, while they also reinforced and grew the personal connections that are an underlying strength of the industry and the beautiful pieces it produces.

Today, whether you are interested in creating, selling, marketing or just being around beautiful jewelry, the industry has a place for you!

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Jewelry Owner/Executive
Gem and Jewelry Management Professional  
Jewelry Sales Professional
Bench/Manufacturing Jeweler Jewelry Designer Watchmaker
Jewelry Manufacturer Jewelry Wholesaler/Importer  Lab Grader/Quality Assurance Technician 
Jewelry Appraiser Auction/Estate Jewelry Dealer and Pawnbroker  Marketing

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