A career in gem and jewelry management offers enormous opportunities – whether you are managing a consumer-facing store or web-based business, working for a supplier, or working for a larger business or corporation.

Depending on the size of the business, managers may be actively involved in every part of its success. Jewelry management jobs include many roles from managing on the store level, to operations, production, human resources, people and culture management, merchandising, and more.

There are many exciting career opportunities available in gem and jewelry management.

On the Job

Managerial roles within jewelry companies vary, but leadership, communications skills, and the ability to motivate others are critical—whether consumer or trade facing, managing staff, working with vendors or partners. With management also comes the responsibility to stay current on issues that impact your business and keep others informed.

Depending on the size of the store or business, managers may be solely responsible for specific departments (like sales, IT, finance, or marketing), supervise dedicated staff in a specific area, or in charge of multiple—and in some cases all — aspects of the business. Successful jewelry managers thrive when overcoming challenges that require creative thinking, like providing leadership, setting, and achieving performance goals, and creating an experience for their clients that sets their store or business apart from its competition.

Growing in the Industry

Larger businesses often seek to promote from within. For instance, a major retailer may encourage sales, operations and store managers to move into divisional or corporate management. Managers of smaller businesses, like single-stores or small manufacturers, may stay at their jobs or start businesses of their own. Some managers also move on to find success in other parts of the industry.

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